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  • Why Lenovo Yoga Pro is best

    Lenovo Leading Chinese Multinational Company has redefined the technology in Laptop, tablet and other tech services they also provide IT software on a large scale. why you have to buy the Lenovo tablet or laptops let me explain with you in brief, Now in Lenovo 10 inch tablet category the Yoga Pro which comes with
  • Lenovo Legion Y7000

    A common myth that is created among the gamers is that, it is impossible to purchase a quality gaming laptop at an affordable price. But the Lenovo has broken it by releasing a brand new and a high specification laptop which starts from 72,000 rupees. It is named as the Lenovo Legion Y7000. If you
  • Why think-pad remains people’s favorite

    It’s been over 10 years since IBM quit making ThinkPad PCs, yet you’re still prone to see them in the corridors of the industry. That is because of Lenovo. The organization in the past known as Legend Computers of Beijing, China, still creates the very much respected workstation line, with its cherished accutypedkeyboard. What’s more,
  • Best ThinkPad’s With Higher Battery Life

    The longest-lasting laptops in Lenovo’s line-up have the company’s Power Bridge technology, which lets you swap out the batteries without powering down. If you buy them with the 6-cell battery option, which effectively doubles the endurance, both the ThinkPad X270 and T470 (non-S) should last well over 10 hours on a charge (the T470 lasted
  • Confused on what laptop to get for your everyday use – these points may help you get exactly what you need.

    People use Laptops for playing games, streaming videos or to stay connected while travelling long distances away from home, you should do an in Depth research before buying a Laptop. You could go to a Lenovo Laptop Showroom In Chennai near your resident area to research or ask the experts on what laptop to get