Coming Soon From Dell

The usage of computers and laptops have increased a lot from 2010. This has led to a heavy competition between the top laptop producing companies. They are working hard to release many products in an innovative way. Recently Hp released a 4k gaming monitor and it was said that it had good sales in most of the Hp showroom in Chennai. In such a way, we will look at some top products that dell is planned to release later this year.


Dell Visor – VR118:

Virtual reality has impressed many audiences and many are loving the feel of virtual reality. Dell to cover them has planned to release a Virtual reality glass and has named it as Dell Visor- VR118. It comes out with a high resolution of 1440*1440. It is expected to hit the markets soon and once it is launched you can get it from the dell showroom in Chennai.


Inspiron 5000 Series 2-in-1s

Dell Inspiron laptop series is already a successful one and many versions of it were released later. Now Dell has said that its new version is ready to be launched and it comes in the name of Inspiron 5000 series 2 in 1s. It said that it can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. So it is named as 2 in 1s.Once it is launched you can get it from the Dell stores.

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