Lenovo Legion Y7000

A common myth that is created among the gamers is that, it is impossible to purchase a quality gaming laptop at an affordable price. But the Lenovo has broken it by releasing a brand new and a high specification laptop which starts from 72,000 rupees. It is named as the Lenovo Legion Y7000. If you take a look at the past Lenovo has always been people’s favorite when it comes to giving the best quality at a lesser price. The Lenovo ThinkPad versions are the best example for it as the Lenovo ThinkPad price is always been less and affordable.

Looking into the Legion Y7000 it comes up with a Core i7 and GTX1060 CPU with both packed in a stylish way and with an easy handling keyboard. The battery life is rated as above average given that the gaming laptops require more power, in fact, Legion withstands for more hours than some of the best gaming monitor. It contains a colorful and a good looking 15.6-inch display which can attract more gamers towards it.

Like all good products, the Legion Y7000 also has some drawbacks. The webcam is placed in a weird place and it is reported that the speakers are producing unpleasant noise. Still, the Legion Y7000 has come out with some expectations and it is said that it is fulfilled all its audience. Considering the price it is a great to buy and it is said that the gamers will love the experience. There is also a thought that it is really good for video editing process and is rated as one the best in it.

So it is clear that the Lenovo has not failed to satisfy all its audience. I’m sure that many gamers are already thinking about where to buy it. Visit us the Dotcom stores which are one of the best and authorized Lenovo showroom in Chennai where you can get all the Lenovo products at the retail price.

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