Best laptops of 2018

These days due to the competition between the top laptop producing companies we can expect an update or a new release daily. Such high is the competition and development in the technology. Many new laptops were released so far in this year and many had a good sale among the top showrooms like the dell showroom in Chennai, Asus showroom in Chennai etc. Here we will take a look at the top laptops from this year.

Top of the list is the Dell XPS 13 which was made up of i5 and i7 processor. The main advantage of it was it had a centered IR web camera and a 4K display.  The considered disadvantage of it was the price.

The next one is the Acer predator Helios 300 which was a gaming monitor designed at a lesser budget. The performance of the laptop was good and was rated as one of the best budget gaming monitors.

The next one was the Acer switch 3 which was made up of excellent build up and a superb value and it was designed and released at a lesser price and a good sale in most of the Acer showroom in Chennai.

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