Lenovo ThinkPad Refreshed with Intel Kaby Lake processors

LENOVO the Chinese manufacturer giants never stopped astonishing us time to time from producing best gadgets. The innovative uses of technology in Lenovo laptops and mobiles have always seemed to have stayed ahead of the curve with its competitors.

The brand is regarded for its stylish looks, reliability, and performance that managed to garner a wide range of customer all around the world. One such gadget from Lenovo is the Think pad Laptops that created its own range of fan attraction globally.

Think pad laptops have set up standards for computing as it is tough as iron and reliable with pen support to epic battery life that keeps you productive in any environment. With additional features like 2-in-1 specification, cutting edge graphic display and high-end processing tools will inspire anyone to fetch them one. These machines are most suitable for intense 3D animators, architects and for gamers.

The refreshed version comes with updated newbie “KABY LAKE Processor” as the successor of sky lake processor from the Intel. It’s the seventh generation processor that offered by the Intel, one of the greatest CPU company in this era. Kaby lake is clocked to be 12 times faster than the previous version which means it will allure everyone with its immense features.

The ThinkPad laptops are also lined up with the latest version of the NVidia Quadro professional graphics that sets a big deal for gamers on any budget preference. Lenovo offers the updated version of ThinkPad laptops that is preferable for all budget seekers.

The premium version of the laptop P71 is featured with 17 inch 4k display screen with support for up to Xeon E-2 v6 processor and NVidia Quadro P5000 graphics, supported by 64 GB ram support for four storage units with the Thunderbolt 3 bolt for plugging a larger display as well.

In today’s life laptops have become mandatory in leading day to day life for both professional and personal aspects. Choosing a brand which has been a pioneer leader in its era would be a right choice. Lenovo never fails to meet the desire of its consumers as it always sweeps their minds with alluring features.

As the long awaited Kaby Lake processor has made its way it would be the perfect time for fetching a Think Pad Laptop one to you from the nearest Lenovo Laptop Showroom in Chennai. They also provide Lenovo mobile showroom in chennai and many other metropolitan cities in india to offer better availability for their customers.

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